11 June 2015


Dear friends, we have great news for you!  A-100 delicious weeks continue.  Only June 12 - Friday - from 18.00 to 19.00 - at A-100 petrol station No. 35 in Novy Dvor we will offer fresh and light éclairs with a creamy custard filling for a delicious treat.  On your way home or to the countryside come to our petrol station and treat yourself to a delicious meal!  Remember that A-100 petrol station No. 35 is located in the outer ring of the Minsk ring road in close proximity to Chizhovka neighborhood - Minsk district, 82, Novodvorsky rural council.  You can always find the location of the petrol station on the map at our website under the section “Addresses of the Petrol Stations”  It’s always DELICIOUS with us!
05 June 2015

News from New Borovaja construction site.

  Houses in residential area New Borovaja are having finishing touch ups. From day to day we are closer to finish and houses are getting their finishing touches.   There is an active glazing of the new house. 6 porches are already being glazed.
01 June 2015

Everyone to the finish line! We are inviting you to “crawlers and runners” dash in ALL!

June 7th from 10:00 to 16:00. ALL mall, “Sosedi” store and MOO “Ponimanie” will be holding kids’ sport competition “Crawlers run” and “Runners race” for children ages 8 months to 3 years.     Crawlers race – extremely
15 May 2015

(Русский) We are happy to welcome our first tenant of the new house – Yelena!

11th of May was the starting day for the sales in the second home in New Borovaja. We can say that it was a long-expected house for our tenants. Even before the start of the sales there was a great number of applications for the purchase of the apartments.
08 May 2015

Redeem and exchange your points for petrol. This is a victory!

Redeem and exchange your points for petrol. This is a victory!  You have been looking forward – and we’ve done it!
05 May 2015

Second housing building sales start in “New Borovaja”

  On 11th of May in “New Borovaja” residential area start the sales of apartments in the second housing building. Big choice of various design solutions is available. The housing building will be put into operation in December 2015. Hurry up!
16 April 2015

New sales department “A-100 Development”. Service is above everything.

In “A-100 Development” company we understand how important it is to provide a client with not only quality product, but also with excellent service. That’s why we are constantly trying to achieve new quality level and also getting closer to ourclient.